COPD/Asthma disease standard management project
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Campaign Details
Current situation
COPD and asthma (including childhood) is preventable and curable
In China the disease is still uncontrolled
There is a lack of knowledge about COPD and asthma, leading to inaccurate diagnosis
An absence of any standardized treatment pathway
Improve compliance through standard management of COPD and asthma
Provide strong influence on COPD and asthma care policy, guideline and clinical SOP creation
Reduce the disease burden and improve quality of life for patients
Strategy & Goal
Short term benefits
• Increase peer influence
• Increase peer influence
• Attend regional case sharing meeting
• Free patient support and education
• Tips on disease management
• Knowledge sharing amongst patients
• Enhance professional image
• Maintain patient flow

Long term benefits
• Reduce disease burden
• Increase scientific credentials
• Reduce patient management burden
• Improve disease outcomes
• Improve quality of life
• Reduce patient management burden
• Improve relations between hospitals and patients
By the end of 2014, will covered 194 cities, 700 hospitals, 852 clinical departments, About 80,000 patients will accept maintain patient education