ACCU CHEK Health walk
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Campaign Details
Strategy & Objective
• Run the integrated event in BJ/SH/GZ 3 cities-Walk for bG Care, Walk for Accuracy
• Endorsed by KOL / government association to increase credibility
• Leverage media power and target users ( HCP/Retail/PwD) engagement to enhance brand awareness and brand message delivery
• Own the concept of “Diabetes health walk” to be a campaignable idea to optimize Roche brand image and societal influence via several years’ operation
Opportunity & Challenge
• 1st time cooperate with Chinese government and the biggest event of Roche Diagnose ever
• Hundred-people Public Health Event, associated with Government, experts, doctors, nurses and patients
• Target Audience: Patient with Diabetes/HCP ( doctor/nurse) /Retail (PG/PS) /Masses
• Scale (per city): Top 10 hospitals/500 Pwds/5 Endocrinologist/5 Diabetes Nurse Educators/20 Mass Media
• Place:Park
• Pre-promotion and Recruitment: Brand message + PR recruitment via multi-channel communication
• Walk for Accuracy: Integrate accuracy message delivery into whole journey
• Interaction: Free BG testing , patient education, doctor consultation and interactive game
• On-site promotion: Patient information record and sales promotion
• Post- promotion: Media exposure + In store POSM
• Strong impact
• Effective reach = 3.5 M
• On-site sales = ¥ 129,630
• Post event potential sales = ¥ 6,363,545