China female health clinical demonstration project
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Campaign Details
Current situation
"Family planning" is a basic national policy of our country, our country has always stressed to contraception, induced abortion is contraceptive failure after remedial measures . However, due to some wrong idea, such as mistake take birth control pills may get fat ; And the abortion service agencies at all levels in China, family planning and contraception services have not carry out a systematic project, leading to the number of abortions each year is far higher than the average level in developed countries.
Mainly in the  clinical gynecologic endoscopy and contraception after abortion two areas to cut the entrance,  aimed at:
① improve the academic level of target doctors, pass the idea of abortion after contraceptive education
② improve surgical skills and clinical levels. Exchange views and learn together through the activities of each other, truly standardized clinical management of women's health to a cause.
The Strategy
 Chinese Hospital Association  will set the various planning projects hospitals across the country, implementation "China female health clinical demonstration project",  planned from 2014 onwards. with China as the pilot project established practice base, and as a core, the radiation, to carry out a series of field activities.
Directed by Chinese Hospital Association • Build and establish demonstration bases, promote the project smoothly
• The overall project supervision and guidance throughout the process
• Audit the content of the project, issued notice of the meeting
• Support unit Bayer (China)
• Sponsors of the project : meeting arrangement, organization and process optimization , responsible for doctors travel
• Executable unit UBS
• Project planning, production, execution
• Internal project communication and external collaboration