The 9th National Clinic Academic Conference of Liver Disease & the 3rd Day of European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)
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Campaign Details
Current situation
China is currently the subject of liver disease has entered a stage of rapid development, but there is a certain gap compared to the clinical and research level with developed countries, the theme of this conference is to focus on and highlight the clinical problems, discuss and think about how to build community with liver disease doctor, development of our hepatology.
The future liver infection department of Gastroenterology, discipline needs, liver surgery and other interdisciplinary cooperation, the establishment of standardized diagnosis and treatment mode, makes our hepatology become disease centered independent subject of the true system. This Congress will have clinical hepatology discipline development design Symposium session, experts on the future development direction of the subject in-depth discussion and exchange of delegates and nationally known liver disease.
The Strategy
The conference is an excellent opportunity to work with well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad to communicate, to promote the development of liver disease and improve the overall level of discipline aspects of the field of liver disease, have a very important significance. So the pre-meeting invitation, the meeting schedule arrangements, venue layout, trade exhibition planning and management, meeting site management will need to be very professional level.
This session is located in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is combined with local characteristics, the main image of the session, the relevant extension design, site layout incorporates all Chengdu local specialties, customers receive the same recognition. At home and abroad were invited nearly 100 experts and more than 1,000 domestic-related professional field of hepatology physician participants. Conference Paper Submission set, symposiums and other sectors, warm atmosphere. At the same time, there are 15 companies participated in the exhibition industry, for doctors and further exchanges of enterprises provides a good platform.
Famous scholars invited to the meeting and delivered a speech about the current progress in the study of liver disease and hotspots seminars, round display the latest achievements and trends in the field of hepatology successful convening of the General Assembly to promote domestic and international academic exchanges and liver disease cooperation, and create a new era of Chinese hepatology career. This meeting a total of registered more than 1000 delegates, the meeting for our hepatology professional and European and Korean hepatology academic exchanges and cooperation of professional platform, promote mutual understanding, will help promote the development of our hepatology.
Important areas of liver diseases, including viral hepatitis, liver fibrosis, liver cancer, autoimmune diseases and drug-induced liver injury, in recent years, fatty liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, and the scientific issues, such as liver disease, liver transplantation has become a science column, causing widespread concern liver academia. And the research advances in hepatology change rapidly. Such as the method of treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C patients continuously made new progress, metabonomics and liver stiffness measurement technique for the noninvasive diagnosis of continuous development, diagnosis and treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma and continuously made new achievements, autoimmune hepatitis and primary sclerosing cholangitis whole genome association, regulatory T cells in liver disease pathogenesis in all made new progress.