2014 China Hospital Forum
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Campaign Details
Current situation
Our hospital is in a "co-management" stage, does not have a complete, authoritative, theory and practice of combining teaching hospital management, the majority of articles and training materials are still stuck at the theoretical level. Although many new ideas and new concepts, t Specific methods have operational research in the form of lack of practical
That through exchanges and promote health care reform. Sound by hospital management forums workers, Sound doctors and the community, reflect their problems from different angles and see a doctor for medical treatment in the medical and health system we are very concerned about.
Target audience
Leading medical institutions, hospitals and associations at all levels of leadership, government leaders at all levels of the health department of health, medicine, equipment business executives and media personnel.
The Strategy
Organized around the theme of the forum:
1) around the "medicine, hospitals, doctors’’ conduct interaction, through exchanges, enhance mutual understanding and harmonious.
2) cross-border experience to share, please entrepreneur speaking by management, and promote innovative hospital management. Third, the team stresses management.
3) Please six well-known hospitals in the form of talking about hospital quality team heritage, quality management standards and cultural construction hospital.
4) Debate: health care reform, hospital pharmacy care - a big profit or harm large, intense debate competition.
Chinese Hospital Association in order to better understand the health care reform issues, special invited celebrities and industry figures for "hospitals, doctors, health care reform," an in-depth discussion. In addition, in order to allow hospital managers to learn more management experience invited the well-known entrepreneurs talk about management and invited six famous hospital speaking hospital management and construction. Will be in the interview that all participants said that they had a lot of benefits.
This meeting is organized by the Forum since the hospital's most successful one, is also the largest number ever, the number of participants reached more than 6,000 people. The entire conference was packed, warm atmosphere, won high praise and recognition for all participants and all walks of life. The meeting in academic exchanges, with no small repercussions, especially large TV conference organized by dialogue and debate on health care reform heavy head race to become the highlight of the General Assembly, invited guests are now the industry's leading figures and celebrities outside the industry, have expressed their medical hospitals, health care reform views.