2014 Bayer Nexavar Liver cancer expert seminar
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Campaign Details
Current situation
Sola Fini come out, will the treatment of liver cancer into a new era of targeted therapy. Sola Fini is the only evidence of effective and by the multinational guidelines recommend as the standard treatment of advanced liver cancer. For advanced hepatocellular carcinoma, recurrence in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma risk exists high risk, operation excision combined with sorafenib, can reduce postoperative recurrence and metastasis, improve the clinical benefits for patients, could become the third leap in the history of the treatment of liver cancer, to provide new opportunities for the treatment of liver resection.
Although surgical operation we constantly improve, but the survival rate of liver cancer nearly 20 years but did not see the obvious increase, so the hepatobiliary surgeons must play its role in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC specification guide new process treatment, comprehensive treatment. As a new Department of interventional radiology, treatment of large liver cancer patients, but did not see their own data, the article presents, so interventionalists should not only consider the late intervention combined with Sola Fini in the treatment of liver cancer, but should consider induction, summary, and make our country more and more standardized liver cancer treatment.
The Strategy
1.The treatment of liver cancer were reviewed the history and process from the national point of view.
2.Affirmed the position of Sola Fini in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma, we hope that this conference can start a prairie fire the experts more harvest, emphasizes the importance of the combined therapy of liver cancer.
3.From the drug therapy of hepatocarcinoma history about, hope the multidisciplinary meeting can make people pay more attention to the comprehensive treatment of liver cancer.
The conference receives demand, design of the main KV and ductility material.
AV, building, photography supplier inquiry.
Size of the field measurement, to determine the material size, modify the design.
The material design and manufacture complete.
Implementation of activities.
The meeting also see each subject for the importance of comprehensive treatment, from 17 different provinces experts together, discuss the professional reports, incisive comments, intense, fully proved that Sola Fini is essential in the treatment of liver cancer status, need all departments continue to intensify communication, come up with their own in the use of sorafenib data. Provincial experts use the weekend to Jiangxi, will be involved in the positive discussion on liver cancer, comprehensive treatment, improve survival rate as the benchmark, let the experts West Chinese area can make more contributions in the field of the treatment of liver cancer.